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2-Way radios
AV Furniture
AV Splitters
Bar Code Readers
Battery Charger
Bluetooth Headphones
Business Machines
Cables - Accessories
Car Electronic Accessories
Car Electronics
CD Players
Cell Phone Accessory
Clock Radios
Cloud Security
Combined AV Devices
Computer - All-In-One
Computer - Chromebooks
Computer - Desktop
Computer - Laptop
Computer - Server
Computer - Terminal
Computer - Workstation
Computer Based Training
CRT Display
Digital Camera
Digital Camera Accessory
Digital Media
Digital Photo Frames
Digital Signage Audio Componen
Digital Signage Video
Digital Signage Warranties
Digital Video Recorders
DRAM - DIMM 168-pin PC100
DRAM - RIMM 184-pin
Drone Accessory
DVD Players/Recorders
Fax Machines
Fax Machines Supplies
Flat Panel Display Mounts
Game Controller / Joy Stick
Gaming Accessories
Gaming Components
Gaming Systems
General Office Supplies
GPS Navigation Devices
Handheld / PDA
Handheld / PDA Accessory
Hard Drive - Enclosures
Hard Drive - Fibre Channel
Hard Drive - Mobile 2.5in
Hard Drive - Other
Hard Drive - SATA 5400 RPM
Hard Drive - SATA 7200 RPM
Hard Drive - SCSI 10K RPM
Hard Drive - SCSI 15K RPM
Hard Drive - SCSI 7200 RPM
Hard Drive - SSD
Hardware Network Security
Hardware Others
Hardware UCC/Audio
Hardware UCC/Video
Home / Lifestyle Application
Home Audio Accessories
Home Speakers
Home Theatre projectors
Input Adapters
IPOD/MP3/Audio players
Keyboard / Mice Combo
KVM Switch/Cable
Mainboard - AMD Chipset
Mainboard - Intel Chipset
Mainboard - Other Chipset
Memory - DDR
Memory - DDR2
Memory - DDR3
Memory - DIMM 168-pin
Memory - Other
Memory - SDRAM DDR4
Memory - SIMM 72-pin
Memory - SO DIMM 144-pin
Microphones - Audio Input
Monitor - LCD
Monitor - Other
Monitor - Touch Screen
Motherboard Accessories
MP3 Accessories
Multi Media Projectors
Network - Accessories
Network - Adapters
Network - Antennas
Network - Bridge / Routers
Network - Cables
Network - Communication
Network - Devices
Network - Hub / Switch
Network - Management
Network - Media Converter
Network - Modems
Network - NAS / Storage
Network - Wireless
Office Furniture
Optical Miscellaneous
Other Appliances
Phone - Accessories
Phones - Cellular
Phones - Corded
Phones - Cordless
Photo Accessories
Photocopier Supplies
Pointing Devices
Portable Audio
Portable DVD Players
Portable Electronic Accessorie
Portable Speakers
POS Pole Display
POS Supplies
Power Accessory
Power Adapters
Power Arrays
Power Cables
Power Distribution Units
Power Supplies
Printer - 3D
Printer - Accessories
Printer - Consumables
Printer - Dot-Matrix
Printer - Ink-Jet
Printer - Laser - B/W
Printer - Laser - Color
Printer - LCD / LED
Printer - Paper / Labels
Printer - Photo Paper & Ink
Printer - Servers
Printer - Service Parts
Printer - Thermal
Processors - Accessories
Processors - Desktop
Processors - Mobile
Processors - Server
Projector / Panel
Projector Accessories
Projector Mounts
Projector Replacement Lamps
Projector Screens
Projector Warranties
Rack Systems and Parts
Remote Control
Removable Disk Drive
Removable Media
Removable Tape Drive
Repeater / Transceiver
Satellite Radio
Scanner Accessories
Security Accessories
Security Camera Lenses
Security Cameras
Security Monitors
Security Storage
Security/Service /Support
Shelf Stereo Systems
Software - Cloud
Software - Creativity
Software - Education
Software - Games
Software - Internet
Software - OS
Software - Productivity
Software - Programming
Software - Reference
Software - Suites
Software - Support
Software - Utililies
Software Application
Software Network
Software Security
Software UCC/Audio
Software UCC/Video
Sound Cards
SSD Client - 2.5 inch
SSD Client - 3.5 inch
SSD Client - M.2
SSD Client - Msata
SSD Client - Other
SSD Client- External
SSD Enterprise - 2.5 inch/U.2
SSD Enterprise - 3.5 inch
SSD Enterprise - Add In Card (
SSD Enterprise - EDSFF/ Ruler
SSD Enterprise - M.2
SSD Enterprise - Other
Storage Accessory
Storage Adapters
Surge Suppressor
System Accessory
System Cabinets
Tablet Accessories
Tablet Computer
Tape Storage
TV & Video Accessories
TV Mounts
TV Plasma / LCD
UCC/Professional Services
Video Cameras
Video Graphic Cards
Video Player
VOIP Phones
Warranty - AV Product
Warranty - Computer
Warranty - Input Device
Warranty - Network
Warranty - Printer/Monitor
Warranty - Service Plans
Warranty - Storage Devices
Wearable Devices

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636,872 products available from 6 warehouses.
Pickups now available in Halifax NS, Markham ON, Etobicoke ON, Guelph ON,
Calgary AB and Richmond BC. See FAQ for details!

Frequently Asked Questions



Date Answered: 2012-01-02 6:24:35 PM
Why is there a Shipping charge of $7.99 for my pickup order?
Since we are using the manufacturer's own distribution warehouses, we are forced to pass along any costs associated to their pickup orders. They charge us a fee for any orders under $500, and therefore we must pass this charge along. If the order is over $500, there is no charge for pickup.
Author: Sales Dept.

Date Answered: 2011-08-29 1:40:02 PM
Can you please advise on the time required to complete a pickup order?
All orders require a minimum of 3 hours from the time the order is placed to when it can be picked up from any of the warehouses.
Author: Sales Dept.

Date Answered: 2011-06-23 6:45:46 PM
Do you allow for Pick-Ups?
The items on the site can be picked up from the manufacturer's warehouses. There are many warehouses we use so we classify them only as Nova Scotia, Alberta, Ontario or BC warehouses. All the Ontario warehouses are within the Markham or Guelph city limits and the BC ones are within a block of the Richmond city limits. Alberta's are in Calgary and Nova Scotia's are in Halifax.
Author: Sales Dept.

Date Answered: 2010-10-23 5:49:48 PM
Can I pay or order at the warehouse?
Because the warehouses are not ours, there is no way to place an order or pay for an order at the warehouse. Therefore all orders must be pre-paid and you will be provided a pickup number to pick up the order.
Author: Sales Dept.

Date Answered: 2010-10-23 5:48:33 PM
What is the address for the warehouse for pickups?
We do not provide this information prior to ordering for two reasons. First, because we are dealing with warehouses and not stores, we usually do not know which warehouse you will be picking up from until after the order is completed. This is because not all warehouses carry the same products and there may not be stock at all warehouses. Secondly, for their security. They don’t exactly want the addresses posted openly. We have categorized all pickup warehouses as Halifax, Markham, Etobicoke, Guelph, Calgary and Richmond.

Once an order is confirmed, an email indicating the address to pickup and the pickup number will be provided.

Author: Sales Dept.

Date Answered: 2010-10-23 5:46:17 PM
What are the warehouse's pickup hours?
The hours for pickup at the warehouses are Monday-Friday 9:30am-6pm local time. Holidays are excluded.
Author: Sales Dept.